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Welcome to one of the Ortega’s Appliance Service Today’s websites. Since 1975 the Ortega family has offered high quality appliance repair and customer service to the Albuquerque area. We are a premier appliance repair company and enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology by having the first interactive on line appliance scheduling program in New Mexico.

Ortega’s Appliance Service is committed to being a “green company” and we hope to do our part saving precious resources. We look forward to serving your appliance repair needs.

Why choose Ortega’s?

Fast, Friendly, and Dependable

From the time your call is received, our courteous and qualified staff has been trained to listen, assist and respond to your service needs quickly.  They will exceed your expectations and make your service experience with us a pleasant one.

Award Winning Service

Years of focusing on creating service that takes care of the customer has resulted in people and organizations noticing it, and two organizations have presented awards for Ortega’s service. First, Ortega’s has received the 2012 Ethics in Business Award. This award is a joint collaboration between the Samaritan Counseling Center and University of New Mexico (UNM) Anderson School of Management. They select and recognize highly ethical businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations. The selection comes from nominations from the community at large.

The second award is the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service award. In the appliance repair service industry, this is a highly valued award.

Large Inventory of Parts on our Service Vans

Your life is affected when an appliance needs service.  Chances are, the part you need is right on our van.  We can fix most problems right away.

85% First Call Completion Rate

We accomplish this by pre-diagnosing every service request when a model and serial number is provided for the appliance.

About Us

New Mexico is a state that is rich in culture and tradition.  The same can be said for Ortega’s Appliance Service Today which is owned and operated by Manny Ortega Jr.  The Ortega family has been serving the appliance needs of Albuquerque since 1975.  The family owned and operated business boasts the combined experience of its employees of over 50 years in the appliance service industry.

In 1978 at the age of 14, Manny began working after school in his dad’s appliance shop.  He started out as a helper and has learned the appliance business from the ground up.  He learned all the fundamentals of appliance repair by working closely with his father who was also an instructor for Job Corps students.

Manny was born and raised in New Mexico, is a graduate of Eldorado High School as well as the Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix Arizona.  Manny started Ortega’s Appliance Service Today in 1993 and bought his father’s business, Go Appliance, in 1998.

The staff at Ortega’s Appliance Service Today, Inc. takes pride in their reputation of quality appliance service to customers in the Albuquerque area and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

We look forward to servicing your appliance needs.

Featured Article: Some Simple Tips For Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwasher repairs can be done at home if they are simple repairs. The design of the dishwasher has not changed very much in the last twenty years and parts can be replaced as a whole. Simple maintenance can be done by home owners. If you need american range appliance repair follow to their website and make an appointment.
The dishwasher is hooked to both the electrical system and the plumbing system so this must be remembered when starting to work on your dishwasher. A dishwasher runs on 115 volt or 120 volts of power. Some operating checks include if your dishwasher is getting electricity by checking plugs and outlets. Check to see if you have blown fuses or that the circuit breaker is working properly. If your dishwasher is not working properly it could be that you have build-up in your lower basket check this first because there is usually a build-up if your drain is not working.

You can take your basket out and clean it out by removing the screws. With the two baskets you can take them both out and clear debris. This is one of the most common reasons for your dishwasher not working. Also rotate the washing arm if it is not working properly until the debris is cleared. You could have a grease blockage in the drain line that runs from your dishwasher. These are simple fixes and can be done at home.

You can place two cups or even a quart of vinegar (white) in a container sitting up in the lower dish rack and then run the dishwasher minus your detergent and with the heated dry option turned off. This will dissolve hard water deposits that might be clogging your dishwasher.  You can level  your dishwasher by adjusting the front feet because water can result on the floor if the dishwasher is not level.

Be sure to unplug the unit and that the power to the unit is completely dead before starting any work on your dishwasher. Make sure to shut off the water supply that is under the sink as well before even starting to repair or do maintenance. The shut off is probably in the basement or in the crawlspace under the sink.

Most replaceable parts on your dishwasher come in a unit form and can be replaced in one simple step however if you have never done this and don’t want to attempt major repairs it is best to get a professional to do this for you because they can do the repairs and order the parts specifically for your dishwasher make and model.

But if you find yourself in the middle of taking your dishwasher apart and realize it might be more than you can handle calling a professional is what you need to do because remember you are dealing with two systems here. Electrical and water which don’t mix and trying to do major repairs from a DIY guide when you have never attempted this may just give you some serious problems.  So be sure to call when you are unsure after some simple maintenance.